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Eco Guard Mattress Protector

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SKU: 164201

Item: Mattress Protector
Size: King
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Bambury Eco Guard Mattress Protector
This revolutionary new product is made with natural bamboo viscose fibres, which make for a much softer and comfortable bedding surface than their traditional counterpart. The fibres of the bamboo also offer stronger protection for your mattress than just cotton alone and what's more release a natural anti-bacterial agent that inhibits bacterial growth, overall improving the general hygiene of your bed creating a healthy sleeping environment. BReco-Guard mattress & pillow protectors are: a deterrent against dust mites and the allergens they produce lightweight, waterproof, super absorbent and fast drying soft, comfortable & breathable bamboo viscose / cotton terry surface ideal for incontinence and bed wetting easily fitted to your mattress, your normal bed linen is used on top fully fitted, extra deep side walls can accommodate for larger mattress depth side wall fabric has stretch and expands to fit mattress depths up to 50cm machine washable Available from cot size through to King bed

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