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Do you ever throw off the covers or stick out a leg to cool down during the night? Suffer from night sweats, go to bed with cold feet, or suffer from aching legs? Then Sonar Thermal Balancing is for you! How does Sonar Thermal Balancing work? Thermal Balancing is about creating a stable bedding environment whether its hotter or colder outside the bed. Sonar technology allows relatively large amounts of heat to be absorbed and released without variation in the temperature of your bedding environment. This temperature controlling technology is set at your normal body temperature thereby providing additional comfort all night long. These thermal balancing products are perfect in all seasons, as well as providing thermal compatibility between sleeping partners. What is Sonar Thermal Balancing? Sonar Thermal Balancing products are based on the new German Smartcel fibres technology. Sonar€™s Smartcel Clima fabrics are made from soft, strong, natural cellulostic fibres that incorporates a Phase Change Material (PCM). The organic PCM used in Sonar is a wax like material that melts at around the normal body temperature of 38°C. It is these sealed microcapsules of the PCM in Sonar that provide its special temperature controlling/stabilising properties.
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